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Downsized living offers an extensive range of services to suit your needs and budget. We can be engaged casually (minimum 3 hour module) or you may be better suited to one of our packages. Click here to view our most popular packages.

We can customise a plan of action so that you can downsize yourself or provide one on one assistance and guidance should you require a more personal approach to complete your downsizing objectives.

All services can be personally customised to suit your specific requirements.

Our full range of services include:

Your personal move consultant

Debbie will personally oversee everything to do with the downsizing of your possessions, packing and moving to your new location and everything in between.

Customised floor plans

We will work with you to plan the furniture placement and requirements in your new home.

Sort, declutter and organise your belongings

We will guide you and help you make decisions about what to keep, what will go to family, what you plan to donate and what may need to be discarded. This process helps keep moving costs down.

Arrange moving quotes and coordinate moving and shipping

We can recommend movers and arrange quotes, schedule and coordinate all move day details. Goods that need to be transported to family members can also be arranged, quoted, coordinated.

Packing and resettling

Packing and unpacking is all handled by Downsized Living, however, other professional packers can also be arranged. All items are carefully labeled to easily recreate the spaces in your new home. We can unpack for you and will help you settle in. We will ensure your bed is made, the kettle is on, your kitchen set up and your electronics connected.

Coordinating donations

There are a variety of charities eager to accept donations and we can arrange for your preferred charity to collect items no longer needed but still in good working order.

Assistance to sell items

eBay and Gumtree are used to sell unwanted items and we usually use third parties to assist this process.

Prepare your home for sale

We can arrange any minor repairs and sprucing of your home prior to sale. If your home needs staging to heighten its appeal to buyers, this service can also be arranged.

Take action now

Would you like to talk about your specific scenario? No problem. Debbie is always happy to discuss your particular needs and situation.

Call Debbie on 0412173033 for a confidential, obligation free discussion and start your journey toward a life with less. A simply beautiful life.